We offer Escorts Companionship with not much limits of time or work, that is the reason we create a client quiz, where we seek to get as much information as possible.

It is proved that with more knowledge of the clients desires we can offer a much better and effective service for our clients.

A-Level Couple

If you are looking for Companion for diner, conference or travels, we offer the best companionship.

we Speak; English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, a part of all the extra available.


If you have a need of make a Companionship where we can interact with each other as a characters and like this make the companionship much more interesting, let we know and we will find out what would be the best for your needs.


If you have not experience on this companion services with a couple but you are curious about it, get in touch with us. We will make sure that the hours you expend with us will be the best you ever will have with any Companionship around the continent.

We are very experience both of us, and know how to treat any kind of especial needs.

Domination - FemDom

Giulia can be little but she can handle very well bad ones in situations.

Don't worries you will be in very good little hands.


We are self employee, so once we get a booking we are with that time and date compromised. So we ask for confirmation of booking 24h and 4h before the meeting.

We reserve the rights to cancel a booking at anytime, even if we are all ready with the client. That is for safety reasons and your money will not be charge in that case.

Giulia & Jack

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